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AMO 87-10
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Coast Dog Aviation Amo


Pitt Meadows

(604) 465-7255

Welcome To Coast Dog Aviation Ltd.


I'd heard all the horror stories about trying to import a private aircraft from the US into Canada. That, despite the prices of aircraft being severely depressed down south, any savings that I might realize would rapidly be eaten up in the complicated and expensive importation process. That I would just be better off paying the arbitrarily inflated price for a Canadian-registered airplane and get over it.

The key for me was using the right person to oversee the details. Dale Floyd, the owner of Coast Dog Aviation in Pitt Meadows, was instrumental in weeding out the right airplane from all the potential hidden nightmares out there, carrying out the pre-purchase inspection, making sure all the right documentation was in place, physically getting the airplane into Canada, and then navigating the myriad of requirements of Transport Canada in obtaining the Canadian Certificate of Registration, and ultimately, the Certificate of Airworthiness. Among the many things his AMO does, one of them is working with prospective owners to have a positive experience in importing their airplane into Canada, and he does a great job at it.

By far, my airplane isn't new, or fast, or glamorous, or high-end...but it's mine, thanks to Dale and the guys at Coast Dog Aviation.


Bill Snedden
President, Red Dog Aviation
Halfmoon Bay, BC

As a complete Newbie to aviation, I was taking flight lessons at 40 years old, and starting to learn the lingo, and form an opinion of what I thought might be a good airplane. Looking back on those days now I laugh, I remember thinking a "glass cockpit" meant a real glass windshield vs a plexi-glass one. Then by chance, I met Dale, he took the time to explain a "glass cockpit" and a thousand other things. Fortunately for me, I met Dale before I made any costly mistakes in aviation with regards to buying the wrong airplane, or the right airplane in the wrong condition.

It takes experience and care to asses what might be the right plane for you, your budget, and your abilities, Dale helped me with that. I think anyone who has seen or been for a ride in my 1958 Piper PA24-250 Comanche will agree, no mistakes were made. If you are looking for someone to treat you fairly, and with respect, to have "your back" so to speak in this wonderful hobby/business we call aviation, Dale is your guy.


Stephan Mackenzie
CYPK Hangar 552
1958 PA24-250 C-FKTS
Pitt Meadows, BC

10:41 AM