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Pre-Purchase Inspections

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At Coast Dog Aviation Ltd. we have extensive experience in pre-purchase inspections and importation of aircraft from singles to large turbo-prop.  We will assist you in not only finding, but aquiring and delivering your new aircraft.

Recent Examples

C-GAYK Cessna 185 Amphibian

Imported from USA

C-FMAW Dehavilland DHC-2 Amphibian

Purchased in Canada

C-FXDD Cessna 210 

Imported from USA

C-FKWD PA24-250

Imported from USA

C-FKTS  Piper PA24-250 

Purchased in Canada

C-FKWW PA-11 Replica

Imported from USA

C-FKL0 Purchased in USA

Recently Re-sold to a local customer

re-registered as GJTR

C-GIEA Piper PA31-350

Purchased in Canada

C-FEUA Bushmaster

Purchased in Canada

Lease purchase in Canada



Purchased in Canada


Import from USA

GEAE Cessna 180

Purchased in Canada

Cessna 185

Purchased in Canada

Cessna 170

Import from USA

GVNN First Mooney M10 In Canada

New Import

GZRD Cessna 170

Purchased in USA

GWQN Cessna 172

Purchased In Canada

FGQZ DeHavilland Beaver

Lease For Van City Seaplanes

DeHavilland Beaver

Purchased in Canada

GJTL Piper Comanche 250

Purchased In USA

N326CW Piper Aerostar

Purchased USA Import Pending